Tanglewood encompasses distinct biodiverse terrestrial and aquatic habitats. Due to its history of agricultural and forest management, the Tanglewood Biological Field Station is a unique outdoor lab where researchers can design and evaluate the impact of land management practices. The varied ecosystems on the property provide an opportunity for long-term data collection from biologically diverse forest and stream ecosystems.

Dr. Jennifer Howeth

Under the direction of Dr. Jennifer Howeth, the property has dedicated space for short-term aquatic and terrestrial mesocosm experiments that test ecological mechanisms underlying drivers of species diversity and ecosystem function.

mesocosm facility
Aquatic mesocosm experiment located at the Mesocosm Facility

Dr. Christina Staudhammer

Dr. Christina Staudhammer has collected weather data at the station since 2018 and has an ongoing forest inventory project. Weather station data is available for download at cstaudhammer.people.ua.edu/data.html.

weather station
Weather station used for data collection

Dr. Monica Kersch-Becker

Dr. Monica Kersch-Becker is studying the indirect facilitation of arthropod communities by leaf-rollers in Quercus (Oaks).

Leaf-rolling caterpillars provide shelter to arthropods
Leaf-rolling caterpillars provide shelter to arthropods